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Tchibo Bio Kaffee Ground Coffee 250g

Tchibo Bio Kaffee Ground Coffee 250g
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Tchibo Bio Kaffee Ground Coffee 250g
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Tchibo Bio Kaffee Ground Coffee - 250g

A sharp floral delight from the homeland of coffee

BIO KAFFEE has its roots in the uplands of Ethiopia, the homeland of high quality coffee cherries.

Here, the small farmers of the coffee are still farming with 100% organic and traditional methods. Exclusive Arabica coffee beans, hand-picked, carefully washed and sun-dried, travel to the port of Hamburg. Afterwards, it goes through a sensitive drum roasting process in the roasting facility.

From our love of nature that you can taste - for a real taste experience in your cup.

Balanced Espresso meets with the natural flavor of Buttertoffee and white chocolate. A wonderful combination that is extremely delicious as an iced Espresso or Latte Macchito in the summer.

Beans Ingredient
Beans Ingredient100% Arabica
Roasting Degree
Roasting DegreeMedium Roast
Coffee Origin
Bean OriginEthiopia
Caffeine IngredientCaffeinated
Import CountryGermany
Net Weight250g

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