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Morettino Cremaroma Whole Beans 1kg

Morettino Cremaroma Whole Beans 1kg
Morettino Cremaroma Whole Beans 1kg
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Morettino Cremaroma Whole Beans Coffee - 1kg

The perfect blend of Arabica & Robusta that will makes you fall in love.

Caffe Morettino, Sicily's leading coffee producer, has been carefully choosing the best coffees in the world since 1920 and roasting it with a Mediterranean character, producing only a certain number of gourmet coffees every year.

Cremaroma Bean Coffee has reached the perfect taste by blending carefully selected single origin coffees. With the sweet notes of Brazilian coffees, the floral notes of Central American coffees, the chocolate notes of Southeast Asian coffees and the spicy notes of Ethiopian coffee, you will love this coffee with plenty of cream, comfortable drinking and full sweetness.

You can use Cremaroma bean coffee to prepare all your espresso, moka pot and filter coffees. It is fully compatible with automatic coffee machines.

Beans Ingredient
Beans Ingredient70% Arabica - 30% Robusta
Roasting Degree
Roasting DegreeMedium-Dark Roast
Coffee Origin
Bean OriginMultiple Mix
Caffeine IngredientCaffeinated
Import CountryItaly
Net Weight1000g

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