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Julius Meinl Filter Coffee Tasting Pack 500g

Julius Meinl Filter Coffee Tasting Pack 500g
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Julius Meinl Filter Coffee Tasting Pack 500g
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Julius Meinl Filter Coffee Tasting Pack - 2 x250g

Contains 2 different type of Julius Meinl Best Sellers;

Julius Meinl Jubilaum Ground Coffee 250g

Premium Coffee Blend Since 1962

Medium-light roast, this premium coffee is a genuine Viennese blend from the best highland coffees of the world. Central American coffees are blended with coffees from Papua New Guinea to give Jubilee its fine acidity and full-bodied aromatic taste.This blend was introduced for our company's 100th anniversary in 1962.

Julius Meinl President Filter Ground Coffee - 250g

Julius Meinl Most Popular Brand

President is medium roasted with gentle acidity. Central American, South American and South-East Asian varieties are carefully blended to create this popular coffee. Austrians love its beautiful aroma and its full, complex body. Made with finest Arabica beans.

Roast: medium roast

Aroma: beautiful aroma

Flavor: full body, gentle acidity

Roasting Degree
Roasting DegreeMedium Roast
Caffeine IngredientCaffeinated
Import CountryAustria
Net Weight500g

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