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Julius Meinl Auslese Coffee Beans 1kg

Julius Meinl Auslese Coffee Beans 1kg
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Julius Meinl Auslese Coffee Beans 1kg
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Julius Meinl Auslese Coffee Beans- 1kg

Cafe Gourmet Blend, Arabica-Robusta Mix

A blend from Julius Meinl. Arabica beans from South America and selected Robusta beans give this coffee its strong aroma. The typical blend and medium dark roast create a full bodied coffee with robust taste.

Beans: Arabica, Robusta

Roast: medium dark

Crema: long lasting, light brown

Aroma: intense

Flavor: fine acidity, full body

Beans Ingredient
Beans Ingredient20% Arabica - 80% Robusta
Roasting Degree
Roasting DegreeMedium-Dark Roast
Coffee Origin
Bean OriginSouth America
Caffeine IngredientCaffeinated
Import CountryAustria
Net Weight1000g

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