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Illy %100 Arabica Ground Coffee 125g

Illy %100 Arabica Ground Coffee 125g
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Illy %100 Arabica Ground Coffee 125g
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Illy %100 Arabica Ground Coffee - 125g

In Can - For All Preparation Methods

A delightful espresso: the eyes sense it first. Thick, unbroken hazelnut-hued crema – that light-brown layer on top – painted by tiger stripes, darker brown.

Next, aromas bring a sweet and complex tease, full with notes of chocolate, toast, honey and caramel. Telling taste: "Here is something special."Finally, the sip. Sweet, velvety, full bodied – a passing hint of bitter: here, then gone.

This is what your espresso can be. What it should be. What makes an espresso from illy, unmistakably illy. Yours to experience at home, and the formula is quite simple. Start with a good espresso machine and just a few grams of the illy blend. 

Beans Ingredient
Beans Ingredient100% Arabica
Roasting Degree
Roasting DegreeMedium Roast
Coffee Origin
Bean OriginMultiple Mix
Caffeine IngredientCaffeinated
Import CountryItaly
Net Weight125g

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