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Hario V60 02 Pour Over Kit Ceramic

Hario V60 02 Pour Over Kit Ceramic
Hario V60 02 Pour Over Kit Ceramic
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Hario V60 02 Pour Over Kit - White Ceramic

1-4 Cup Capacity. . 

The all in one ceramic dripper pot set will allow you to achieve maximum, controlled extraction from freshly roasted beans. It has a specific V60 shaped cone design for maximum air flow. The V60 system allows the brewer to produce a marvellous tasting coffee with no mess involved. All you have to do is take the filter out and rinse the pot with water.

An important thing to remember before preparing your coffee is to warm the V60 dripper, pouring hot water through, once the paper filter has been inserted. This is to ensure that no paper taste gets transferred to you delicious coffee and to warm the range server and the ceramic dripper.

Package contents:

V60 02 Ceramic Dripper

Glass Coffee Server

40 pcs Dripper Filter paper

Plastic Measuring Spoon

Equipment Type
Equipment TypeV60 Dripper Set

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