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Kahve Kart - 1001Kahve Loyality Card

How It Works :

  • You earn as many points as indicated in the product details on every purchase you make through 1001Kahve.Com
  • These points  can be deducted from the total amount without any limitation.
  • If you do not have a coffee card, it will be sent to you with your first purchase.
  • If you place your order by creating a customer record, the points accumulated from your first order will be added to your account.
  • f you place your order without registering as a 'guest', your points cannot be processed because you do not have an account on our site. However, a coffee card will be sent to you with your order so that you can use it in your next order.

Calculation :

  • Each 1 point equals 1 TL.
  • For example, if you have 20 Points, and you use your points on a 50 TL product, you will pay 30 TL in total.
  • If your points are equal or more than the product price, you can buy the product for free. Your excess points will continue to remain in your account.
  • Shipping fees cannot be paid in points.

Kahve Kart is a registered trademark of Linsa Gıda. This name cannot be used in loyalty programs of other companies.

Whatsapp Support

Whatsapp Support